Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January, Gankers and the GUI

As I'm an active blogger, well semi-active, okay lets say occasional and leave it at that, CCP have offered me two tickets to this years Fanfest in sunny Iceland.  While this is a nice gesture it unfortunately doesn't include the approximately four thousand dollars I would need for the round trip, so I will not be freezing my arse off in Iceland this year.

The war helping the great Satan, aka The Mittani, has mostly ended with some roams heading out to harass targets of opportunity and also move ships back to Cloud Ring.  The campaign seems to have been a success, I certainly racked up some kills, but perhaps I've suffered a couple of casualties as a result of the campaign, time will tell.

CCP are having another look at the GUI.  Now I'm not one of those who thinks the GUI is broken but their are plenty of users who fervently believe it is, going so far as to foam at the mouth and mutter obscenities every time the GUI is mentioned.  It would seem that CCP also think it could use a change, perhaps just to modernise the  look rather than a massive change in functionality.  Interestingly they are not testing the changes on the Sisi test server, the changes will go live on the main server sometime in January, which could lead to tears.

Now that the war has mostly wound down and CTA's are less common I've jumped back to high sec for a couple of days for various activities, however null security space had a general feeling of safety compared to The Forge.

It seems that on every gate a ship or two is scanning cargo holds for some juicy loot, then further down the line a hit squad of the new Tier 3 ships are waiting to take out the potential ISK whale and divide the bounty.  Freighters and Orca's are no longer as safe as they were, although some common sense fitting of the Orca can make it much tougher, at the expense of cargo capacity.

Null security space, at least our area, is "blue" nearly all the time, I don't have to worry about the itchy trigger finger of some guy looking to score the contents of my cargo.

High security space is like going to an over crowded, dangerous city.

I cannot wait to jump clone away.

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