Friday, February 17, 2012

5th Column

Sometimes during a battle the enemy within can be just as dangerous.

Last night we were trying to destroy or at least remove some reds from our home system.  Now these reds were actually pretty good at running us around and to be honest we should have realised this sooner and just docked up until they found somebody else to annoy.

However the fleet was called, we formed up, and tried to take these guys on.

Heading towards them we deploy drones and then a corp member does one of the more bone headed, mind numbingly stupid things I've ever seen anybody do in Eve Online.

He deploys a bomb, from (as evidence later seems to suggest) a Drake, causing damage to most of our MWD'ing fleet and also destroying a good percentage of our drones.


So after this Chernobyl of a screw up I'm incandescent with rage at the pilot in question as this is not the first time he's done something so stupid that I've wanted to hijack the TARDIS just to buy his great grandparents two tickets on the Titanic.

So we charge around the system a bit, align to station sometimes, chase the reds some more, etc, etc.

Hindsight being the wonderful vision tool it is shows us we should have kept the fleet together and not become strewn across hundreds of kilometres, or just docked up.

By this stage I had been alternatively chasing the reds or aligning to station as the Fleet Controller (FC) required, when I'm pointed and destroyed, and then podded.

Rather obviously I was out of range of the repping ships, though no word was said of this at the time.  To be fair we were spread over a large section of space.

We eventually got a clue and docked up after losing several ships, corp text chat and voice chat was very quiet.

If I had to describe last night in one word it would be frustration.

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