Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dusting the Potential Account Issues

The DUST514 closed beta sign up is now finally with us, more information and a link to the sign up page can be found here.

Also a couple of interviews have been made with CCP about Eve Online, DUST514 and World of Darkness.  The interviews are fairly light on information and very little new information has been released but one educated guess has been confirmed.

DUST514 will be playable at Fanfest 2012!

That will be very interesting as for the first time we'll hear from actual gamers about DUST514.

I hope CCP have it working properly for the sake of everybody.

Some other news regards the updating of the Eve Online web site, this will be a multi stage process and seems geared more towards helping new players understand the game and what it can offer, rather than the grizzled veterans grousing about a 0.25 second delay in activating some module that only three other guys in the game use.

It's also that time of the year when my Eve Online game play account is due for renewal.  For some reason this was a drama last time and it would seem we are heading towards the same problem this time.  Anticipating some issue I started contacting CCP about the possible impending situation more than a week ago via the petition system.  I was then asked to contact somebody else, fair enough, but after two emails I'm still waiting for a reply.

On the plus side I've recently bought a Kindle, so I'll be better catered for entertainment wise should I have forced downtime.

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