Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Queue and Official Corporation Forums

Over the past few days, perhaps a week or so, I've been hitting the login queue.  What I'm not sure about is what it means.  Is it caused by increasing characters logging in thus creating a traffic jam of sorts, or is it just CCP server issues?

CCP are doing some more to help the community, especially the younger corporations with an optional addition to the forums.  This addition provides a type of sub forum which is only accessible to members of the corporation, read more about it here.

Of some interest though is this...

"Neither CCP Staff nor the Volunteer Forum Moderators will monitor your Corp Forums. As the proprietors of the database, CCP staff will have emergency access in case something terrible happens that we need to verify, but Volunteer Moderators will under no circumstances be able to gain access."

With the current amount of racism, anti-semitism, discussions on exploits, bots and general ass hattery that exists in some of the various un-official forums, voice chat etc I'd be rather surprised if CCP can ignore that should it become endemic to the official corporation forums.

For these reasons I'm not entirely sure this new official forum feature will see much use, or its uptake will be very slow, but as each corporation forum is walled off from the rest we'll probably never know for sure.

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