Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Summer Display Card Massacre

The idea was to jump clone out to high sec for a day, do some stuff, jump back when the timer runs out and all would be good.

It turns out my computer had other ideas.

Bzzzzzt!  Frozen computer!

To back track a bit.

The display card has been getting quite hot during my very warm days, the fan doesn't seem to be spinning like it did before as it approaches the twilight of usefulness.


I grabbed a program to modify the cards cooling characteristics to try and reduce the issue, this worked fine for about fifteen minutes but then the computer started freezing.

Okay sure not a big problem, I'll just reverse what I'd done and we'll be all happy.

Nope, even with the program removed the computer would still crash entering any game I tested it with.

The next step was to repair the display drivers, no help, then complete uninstall, reboot, and custom install of the drivers, this time removing any of the old settings.


Well so far anyway.

Once again I've been reminded of the old saying, if it's not broken don't fix it!

Given enough time I'll probably forget that again.

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