Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fanfest 2012 #1

Fanfest 2012 is go!

Well for the people in Iceland as CCP really dropped the ball with both the free and premium video feeds, they were either frozen or the audio was well out of sync for many hours.

The problem has now been fixed but it was incredibly frustrating.

I've been able to catch some of the live or recorded video, most of what I've seen so far was part of an Eve Online economics presentation and some info about DUST514.

The economics presentation was pretty dry, I guess it's hard to sex up what is essentially accounting, but when the camera breaks away from the presenter to the audience and I can count at least three people yawning that's not a good sign.

One set of figures that was repeated is that bounties introduce a much larger amount of ISK into Eve Online than Incursions and Mission Running combined.  PLEX was mentioned and also permanently banned accounts.  Over 10,000 units of PLEX currently reside in those accounts, CCP have said they will re-introduce those currently orphaned PLEX back into the Eve Online economy at some point.

Another more ominous piece of information relates to inflation, more ISK is coming into the game from various "faucets" than is leaving the game via various "sinks", so look forward to more "sinks" in the future.

I've also seen some of the DUST514 presentations with nothing terribly new being announced that I could see, mostly already announced features or obvious iterations.  Rather than this site re-inventing the wheel just head on over to for a more in depth look at what information has been released so far.

So far Fanfest 2012 for me has been quite frustrating with the CCP video problems, my time zone in relation to Iceland, catching video repeats in a random way due to their broadcast schedule and my local commitments.

I suppose it will be like the other years and I'll just have to wait for several days to a week or two after Fanfest to really have access to all the information that was on offer.

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