Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Launch The Launcher!

The World of Tanks Eve Online launcher has arrived!

Since I took the screenshot it has rocketed to version 1.09.

I'm a little confused about the supposed function as it installed the major patch, as expected, but then when the game client had started it then wanted to install a minor patch, which after doing this re-started the game.

Wasn't the launcher designed to avoid this?

Not huge fans of the new launcher is the Eve Online Linux fraternity, of which I'm a member, as it has broken the WINE compatibility in a major way.  Some work arounds exist, which have fixed the issue for some people (not me [sad face]), with luck over the next few days the issues will be pinned down and dealt with.

I'm not quite sure why people are so excited about the new noob ships, I last flew one about four years ago, it's to keep the ADHD recruits happy I suppose.

What I don't like about Eve Online is how they change the ships, graphics, etc.

"Somebody broke into my hanger and stole my ship, but replaced it with a ship of identical function but it's shiny!", shouted the unhappy space captain.

What I would like to see, and I know why it will not happen, is when a new ship "skin" is introduced you still keep your old ship look, until you dock up in a station of the people who made that ship.  Then a message would appear that you were receiving a free upgrade to the "new skin model" and away you go.

This would go someway towards not breaking the immersion of Eve.

Furthermore when some star gates are replaced how about a gradual method of replacement, with space tugs, and security etc etc.  This would also advertise the fact that New Eden is a living breathing universe with change as a constant companion and not just two guys rebuilding an Inn for four years.

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