Saturday, April 21, 2012

Expensive Mistakes

I don't usually post kill mails as one is more or less like the rest.

Occasionally though we generate a kill mail from some poor victim that leaves the head scratching for days afterwards.

To set the scene.

We have a gate camp that's been operating for a while at a known camp spot, so its existence should be well known.

At this camp our small fleet kills the usual this or that as they try their luck at our gate.

Then our scout in the next system reports a lone Drake has approached the gate, jumped and a second scout reports he's in warp to us.

Our bubble goes up and he lands short of the gate.

The Drake tries to approach the gate at high speed but a pro bump from yours truly stops him in his tracks.

He then decides to target and start shooting at me of all ships, I was in a Tornado, but he wasn't doing much damage.

His ship is destroyed shortly followed by his pod.

Firstly to look at his ship fitting.

No drones for a start, light missiles and the mid slots are messy.

His setup is designed to attack small ships, not large ones and certainly not a nine man fleet.

If he had a more normal setup would his ship have survived?


Secondly we have a look at the pod.

As you can see the pod is one of the more expensive ones I've seen recently, our kill board shows the value at 1.05 billion ISK.

Certainly the implants he had fitted did him no favours, though once again versus our fleet a fitted or an empty head would not have changed the outcome.

According to local chat, before we podded him, he said it was his first time in null sec.

This much is obvious as he entered null sec solo, in a poorly fitted ship, a very expensive head, and no experience in avoiding gate camps.

His mistake was made when he undocked, it just took a while to reveal itself.

Edit: 17/10/12 - The killboard this linked to died, and the new killboard uses a different numbering system.  I've looked through it but cannot find the kills this post is referring to.  So you'll just have to imagine some terrible Drake fit from my description, and implants worth about 1.05 billion ISK at about April 2012.

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