Monday, April 16, 2012

LEGO Rifter!

Who doesn't like LEGO?

A fellow named Czar has designed a Rifter which could be made into a proper LEGO production item if you vote for it at the below link.

I think it's cool and have voted.

Get voting!

Quote from Dev Forum post:

"Rifters are pretty serious business in EVE Online and have become equally serious business for Czar who has created an amazing recreation of the Rifter using LEGO which was displayed during Fanfest 2012. We are over half way to getting a review from Lego and need you guys to visit the Rifter page and lend your support.

Have you clicked and supported the project? Nice work, now read on.

Czar is also looking for your favorite frigate in EVE and will start a separate project to recreate its likeness in LEGO form. Submissions will end on Friday, April 27. We will be holding a similar poll on the EVE Online Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please reply to this thread with your frigate of choice from each of the factions as follows:


In the coming weeks we intend to have a second poll which will look at your favorite ship overall from all ship classes. Please note that Minmatar is not an option in this poll as the LEGO Rifter already exists."

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