Friday, April 27, 2012

The Linux Inferno

As you may know from previous posts I use a flavour of Linux to run Eve Online about half the time.

However for quite some time CCP have not been officially supporting Eve Online on Linux so it came as quite a surprise when CCP Snorlax appeared in the CCP wasteland that is the Linux part of the forums.

"This seems to be an issue in how Python under Wine deals with file descriptors - opening a file with and closing it with os.close causes this error.

The Python source code has a comment indicating that this is handled in a hacky way, using internal structures of the Microsoft CRT.

I'll see if I can achieve the same thing in a different way, but I don't have a way to test under Linux, nor should I technically be spending time on this, this being an unsupported platform and all. Still, I don't like seeing EVE crashing.

Hopefully this gives Wine developers a clue, nonetheless."

Since Crucible and now also with the beginning of the Inferno update, running Eve Online with Wine and Linux has been more "interesting" than previously.

The latest issue seems to be displaying the T3 ships like the Tengu etc, whenever they appear on grid or even if you view their model in game Eve Online will crash.

A solution exists, and is mentioned in the forum post I linked, but it's ugly.

I have every belief the Eve Online Linux community will come up with a better solution given enough time, hopefully before the next update breaks something else.

It is nice though that CCP, at the very least CCP Snorlax, hasn't abandoned the Linux community completely.

Edit: This is post 300 for the blog.  Cake and reminiscing to follow.

Edit Edit:  If the python error appears when trying to run either the Launcher or Eve Online then use Wine config and change msvcr80 and msvcr90 from Builtin then Native to Native then Builtin.

Some experimentation may be required but if it works one way for the Launcher then you'll need to reverse those settings for Eve Online.

Worked for me, hopefully it will for you.

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