Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MC6-5J Turkey Shoot

With a bang, not a whimper, our latest campaign is over.

The day was already a long one for me, I almost logged after being blue balled for most of that time, but decided to give one more fleet a go.

Glad I did.

Our fleet eventually ended up in MC6-5J about half an hour away from Down Time.

We had at least two fleets, they had at least one.

The fleets met for some glancing blows before down time, but it rapidly approached and with my Drake desperately firing missiles at an enemy Phobos the screen goes black.

Down Time.

A quick bio, grab some Scotch Whisky and wait.

The Fleet Commander (FC) is on comms describing the process we'll take after Down Time is over.  Essentially login together, fleet up, anchor on the FC and deal with the situation from there.

Down time ended, we logged in, did the above, the enemy didn't.

Our fleets swelled rapidly, but the reds only logged in with ones and twos, which of course warped into our midst and were destroyed.

This went on for quite a while, our pack of Drakes cruising around and playing "Whack a Mole" on the often lone reds that would appear from their DT slumber.

After some time this slowed down so we went looking for more reds in system, which we found, engaged and mostly destroyed.

Conversely our losses were very light, I was targetted a few times but our logistics were on the ball and I managed to survive the whole fight.

For the night my ship kills were over seventy in a battle which raged across a DT and was quite fluid after that for a couple of hours.

Very enjoyable.

I have some raw action notes I made during the battle I'll type up and make available in the near future.

Edit: Here they are!

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