Thursday, April 5, 2012

Penny Arcade! Again!

CCP CEO Hilmar practising Vienna from Ultravox on an Air Piano
Penny Arcade have posted another article about Fanfest 2012, DUST514, Eve Online and some of the issues over the past year or so.

I find it interesting that now is the time CCP and Eve Online are being focussed upon in the more main stream press, certainly the more cynical part of me thinks this is part of a marketing strategy by CCP, not necessarily a bad thing.  What seems to have been the catalyst is the impending release of DUST514 as the masses should be able to connect more readily to the CCP shooter if they haven't already with Eve Online.

A quote from the PA article:

"Dust represents a huge shift for a company that’s dependent on a hardcore PC game. The biggest change is the platform: Dust 514, for the time being, is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. “I think if you were to put it on PC we would have brought with us all the complexity of EVE into a shooter-style, and we would have ended up with something like an Excel shooter,” Pétursson said, poking fun at people who characterize EVE Online as being a game about flying spreadsheets. “It has been really helpful to make it for consoles, to make sure it is simple and intuitive and all the sort of rules and expectations that a console product has have been helpful to make sure when you play it, you think this is not difficult to get into."

With luck DUST514 will be successful, perhaps because it isn't just another generic first person shooter, and this will also have some bleed across to Eve Online.

However the success of DUST514 may have a cloud on the horizon with the news Sony's new Playstation will be released before December 2013, and will not be backward compatible.

I'm sure CCP are aware of this but the potential to shorten the life of DUST514 is certainly there if this news turns out to be true.

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