Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rough Notes from MC6-5J Turkey Shoot

As promised previously here is the rough notes from the MC6-5J Turkey Shoot.


Local at 559.
Sitting on Titan.
Two fleets - Mael and Drake.
Red fleets expected 200+.
Reinforced or killed tower and modules over the past few hours.
Ran into T3 gang who mostly ran - killed a few.
Still waiting - tension.
Graphics to minimum - brackets off.
An hour until DT - hope DT is short.
After DT action is expected to be long.
Hurry up and wait.
On comms - reds have 17 Titans plus support.
So they say.
Drake fleet left system. (I'm in a Mael at this stage)
Target system has 750 at the moment.
Still waiting on Titan - local at 425.
We swap Mael's for Drakes & still waiting on Titan.
TiDi (Time Dilation) at 30% - slowly recovering.
20 minutes to DT - finally Titan bridged!
Another Titan - trying to hustle.
I spot "Mr Primary" - a lone Mael in our Drake fleet.
Titan bridged again - TiDi at 50%.
909 in local - No TiDi as yet.
Some guy tries to take a "run up" at the POS shields to get through.
Warping in!
Warp away! Align back!
Waiting again.
Tried to engage fleet - range issues.
Was able to take out a couple but nothing decisive.
Past DT sounds like it'll be a FFA (Free For All).
Other Drake fleet was being bombed as DT hit.
No TiDi during big fight but client slow.
Not unusable but approaching that.
Waiting for end of DT to try and login together.
FC (Fleet Commander) not sure how agro mechanics work across a DT.

DT over.

We login En Masse - they don't.
Quickly form fleet and anchor on FC.
We take them out one by one as they login. (I ended up with 75 kills for this engagement, 95% of that was ships)
Local suggests we are DDOS'ing their comms.
Many of their ships are dying alone.
The reds try some sporadic bomb runs with little effect.
Spamming the scanners to find who the next victim will be.
No TiDi at the moment - none noticed since DT - 475 in local.
Moved to test POS - putting into reinforced.
Only six hour timer! (On the POS)
Back to turkey shoot site.
Our orbiting Drake swarm reminds me of the hunter killer robots in a Matrix movie.
Shot on other POS.
Warped to enemy fleet.
They are close!
Name - target - guns - dead - next!
This goes on.
I'm hit! Call for reps - get some.
Enemy Titans in the distance - ominous.
I don't know how many enemy ships I've destroyed.
Had to remove corpses from the overview.
Bad guys melt away - we hold the field.

Safe at POS in system for quick BIO which I use for Scotch Whisky.
One warp in before was almost a disaster as their bombers were close.
Switched off MWD as bombs approached.
Took half shield damage.
But safe now.
FC says he hasn't slept in 24-36 hours.
Holding at POS.
700 in local - no TiDi.
Fighting - shooting T1 after T1
Suddenly Titans! - numerous - going for bumps.
Targetting - shooting!
They move inside shields and enemy cynoing out.
FC says three tech moons taken today.
672 in system - no TiDi - 12 to 15 FPS.
Shooting POS into reinforced - done.
What's next in this epic night?
It's over - heading home!
TiDi warping/jumping home - molasses - but good.
TiDi at 30% - slow!

Quote for the night, "Drake fleet is Darwin fleet.  Those at the back die!"

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