Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Increasing DUST

While I'm pretty meh about Eve at the moment, both due to a slow down in game due in part to others playing D3 and my increased work commitments, I had another look at one of the DUST514 sites.


At that link is a video explaining various parts of DUST514 and how it exists in the Eve Online universe.

Also, if it is to be believed, a release date of June 30 (I assume in 2012 but...you know...CCP) so finally we can see if the masses will flock to the Icelandic creation.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cess Pool Inferno

So yeah that happened.

Now we have the Inferno expansion update.

This has been a staggered release and as such we've already seen some features like the Effects Bar.

Today we see the true horror unleashed upon us.

Not wanting to mince words so here goes.

The new inventory system is a fucking disaster, I've shitted out more useful things!

CCP if you wanted to design a way for us to waste time in game you couldn't have done a better job.

In addition where has my ships window gone!  It's gone!!

Now they are part of the super retarded new inventory system, finding the ship I want in the long long list of the others is a nightmare right up there with people thinking One Direction isn't a joke band.


Bugs?  Oh yes we have bugs.

Witness the splendor that is below.

Corp members showing to be in local, in corp chat, but no corp members actually online!

Or are they?

WHO KNOWS!!! Who the hell knows.

Forget the rest of this screw up, Inferno will forever be known as the New Inventory update.