Monday, July 16, 2012

Rule Number One

Every time I forget rule number one I'm reminded why I made that rule.

Rule Number One is never join a DBRB aka "Boat" fleet.


After joining the fleet, realising it's a "Boat" fleet, but then justifying the decision by the fact I've not been in any fleet for about a month I then join comms.

To be then assailed for the better part of an hour of "Boats" many phobia and -ism's while sustaining his ability to spew this verbal toxin while also not shutting up, or even taking a breath.

It is very similar to three hours of bad Adam Sandler humour at a machine gun rate.

Thinking the fleet was going to be a blue ball and considering bailing we finally jump via the Titan, do another jump after a Titan jumped to the wrong location, and, some normal gate jumping.

It was during this normal gate jumping my game didn't load a new system and I had to exit game, rejoin and try to catch up.

Upon login I find myself about 20kms away from a red stabber and something else similar, but they have better things to do.  Which is good as my Drake was feeling pretty alone at that stage.

Finally catch up with the fleet, we find the enemy fleet after some more waiting and go to work.

Pretty soon things start going wrong.  We are losing ships, we are mostly a battlecruiser fleet with logi, quite steadily.

Every time anybody is destroyed DBRB abuses them for being out of place or not calling for logi.

Our fleet is being chewed up.

My turn arrives to be targetted, I call for logi, which seems to do nothing, shield gone, armour gone, hull gone, I warp the pod away.

By this stage DBRB is no longer abusing those who die but the fleet is going very wrong, in fact we've lost but the FC doesn't realise it yet.

I start pod flying for home while listening to voice chat for a short time and also reading the fleet channel.

It is possible the game was de-synched and that is why we did so badly but more likely they had a better fleet with a better leader and they won the day.

This Drake I had owned for only a matter of hours.

I should have heeded the Rule, not even in desperation should you ever join a DBRB fleet.

It's not worth it.

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