Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eve Bay

An in game character by the name of Trade King has created an out of game auction site for in game Eve Online items.

Makes sense?

It could be legit or it could be a scam, you be the judge.

At this stage it looks pretty basic but is functional.

URL is here.

Forum thread is here.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Eve on a Time Budget

For various reasons I've not had much time to Eve Online lately.

So what I've been doing is "ninja" Eve Online, that is doing the maximum possible with limited time.

Firstly I've kept the Planetary Interaction (PI) going across the various characters as it takes little time and generates ISK everyday.

Next, utilising the BPO's and BPC's I have I've been buying minerals over time to build "stuff".  This "stuff" then generates income when the goods are ready.  When moving the minerals and finished product around this gives you the feeling you're actually inside the universe doing "something".

Missions can be time consuming and very few of us do them for the adventure.  Consider Level 3 security missions as they are fast, generally pay well for what they are, and with nearly zero risk can be used and abused as required.

My alliance has a Jabber service which provides us with information on fleet form ups etc.  I have this running on a second monitor and if a fleet message appears I'll consider what I'm doing at that time, can I reschedule my next three hours (that's the time I budget for the typical fleet), and if so then stop what I'm doing and login.

Then when some days off finally arrive I can sink a few hours into Eve knowing much of the tedious mucking about has been done during the week in those snatched moments.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Proof Reading Inferno

As I'm laid low with the second flu in four weeks I'm finding little time to Eve Online.

The dreams are awesome though!

Today, after last nights incremental patch after Inferno 1.2 CCP posted this on the login page.

One for Tea

Here is a t I wasn't using to help you guys out.


Friday, August 10, 2012

DUST514 Comes to New Eden

Meanwhile over in DUST514 land...

On August 21st the next update will be released for CCP's console shooter.  This will start the integration process between it and Eve Online, also DUST514 with moves servers from the current one to Singularity.

Read more here.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hot Tip # NFI

When shooting the red crosses for love or profit you may, I don't quite know why, decide the locked ships are in the wrong order.

Should this become an overarching desire to spoon your own eyes out CCP have provided us with a solution.

On the image of the hapless bad guys you can left click on the ship image and drag to a new location.

Knowing this makes the game 1.7% better.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Playing With PLEX

In Eve Online CCP have given us the ability to pay for the game with in game currency which is known as ISK.

For an amount of about 500 million ISK you can purchase one PLEX (Pilot License EXtension) which can either be transported in your ship to another location (not a great idea) or used to add 30 days game time to your account.

A 30 day fix

This is awesome!  Well maybe, but it becomes easier as you and your character grow in skill.

On average, rounded up, their is 30.5 days per month. So to make 500 million ISK per month, just to pay for the PLEX you need to make, rounded up, 17 million ISK per day, every day of the month.

Now don't forget this will only pay for the PLEX, not the ships, ammo, etc you'll need.

We have several ways this ISK can be obtained.

Firstly the good old ratting, shooting the red crosses that turn up at asteroid belts in nearly every system of the game.  In high security space this doesn't earn much, however as you progress into more dangerous space the rewards go way up, but so do the risks.

Born to be destroyed

Missions are another way, especially once you reach the level 4 security missions.  You could easily make the ISK here doing mission after mission but saying it's rather repetitive is an understatement.

Incursions, aka hitting the Sansha piggy bank, is also a way to make ISK from NPC's, though for the big dollars a small group, and some decent ships are required.

Manufacturing can also be utilised to try and make some money but you'd better break out the spreadsheet program as competition is fierce, especially near the trade hubs like Jita, Amarr, etc.

The same goes for the good old market games of buying low and selling high.

Good luck beating the market bots.

Mining has been the red headed step child of Eve Online for quite a while now, but with the potential buff incoming with Inferno 1.2 we may see a slight resurgence.  Mining is for those people who think a Morris Minor is just too damn fast and that Sloths are hard to follow.  Some money can be made from mining but inserting a piece of leather between your eye ball and socket (Isaac Newton actually did this for "lols") would be more fun.

Research agents are an old school way to make some ISK, once you have the rep that is.  They will sell you for a very minimal price a type of data core, which changes from agent to agent, which you can then sell on the open market.  The great thing about research agents is how passive they are, you can just drop in once a month, have your way with them, pickup your data cores, leave a small amount of money on the dresser and leave.

Leave a deposit once a month

Once you enter null sec with a decent corporation and space you can then utilise anomalies which ramps up the ISK gathering, though as you're in null sec your risks are higher also.

I'll tell you about the time I had a 100 million battlecruiser destroyed on everyday of one week.

Eventually...when I'm done with therapy.

Are their other ways to make ISK in Eve Online?

Sure. Probably.

However the above is some of the more accessible ways for a character either solo or in a corp.  Some other methods are for corp or alliance wealth creation which will be out of your reach for quite a while.