Friday, August 24, 2012

Eve on a Time Budget

For various reasons I've not had much time to Eve Online lately.

So what I've been doing is "ninja" Eve Online, that is doing the maximum possible with limited time.

Firstly I've kept the Planetary Interaction (PI) going across the various characters as it takes little time and generates ISK everyday.

Next, utilising the BPO's and BPC's I have I've been buying minerals over time to build "stuff".  This "stuff" then generates income when the goods are ready.  When moving the minerals and finished product around this gives you the feeling you're actually inside the universe doing "something".

Missions can be time consuming and very few of us do them for the adventure.  Consider Level 3 security missions as they are fast, generally pay well for what they are, and with nearly zero risk can be used and abused as required.

My alliance has a Jabber service which provides us with information on fleet form ups etc.  I have this running on a second monitor and if a fleet message appears I'll consider what I'm doing at that time, can I reschedule my next three hours (that's the time I budget for the typical fleet), and if so then stop what I'm doing and login.

Then when some days off finally arrive I can sink a few hours into Eve knowing much of the tedious mucking about has been done during the week in those snatched moments.

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