Saturday, September 15, 2012

Boat Foot Mouth

It would appear the in game character, and Goonswarm FC known as Da Big Red Boat (DBRB) has been a dick head* again.

Not sure if dick head is one word or two.  I'll go with two for emphasis.

DBRB is easily the most outspoken of the Goon FC's and some blue will either not join his fleets or leave if he takes them over because of past behaviour in fleet chat and Teamspeak.

"(9:35:03 PM) Attn: Elo Knight of black legion and Super twinkey of Nc.DOT have decided to be bitches of the highest order. They used last night, time we all spent grieving and :smith:ing over vilerat to shoot our structures and taunt us in local. Tonight IRC has called a level 4 cta, the highest possible and and elo are telling their people they must show up. They think we will be too busy crying and sad to fight them and they are trying to abuse our friends death

SHOW UP TONIGHT IN A SUBCAPITAL, SLOWCAT, SUPER CAPITAL, IBIS. Show these fucking bitches that its not cool to use vilerat’s surprising death as a strategic objective and goal.

Subcaps are forming at 0300eve, we will be using drakes, tengus, tornados or other ships I call for. Be in umi with multipul ships. See you tonight.

*** This was a broadcast from dabigredboat to all-all, replies are not monitored ***"

It's stunning to see him screw up again and again.

/me shakes head

* retrospective article language warning