Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DUST514 Delayed

Originally expected to launch in late 2012, CCP Games' PlayStation 3 exclusive Eve Online first person shooter spin-off will be (unsurprisingly) extending its closed beta period through until 2013, according to a report on Eurogamer:

"Things are going well," CCP Games exec David Reid said. "We'll be in closed beta through the end of 2012, but it won't take much longer. With a bet this big you want to get things right."

Eurogamer's Dust 514 preview, written in August, found the game "unsteady" with "a lot of work" still needing to be done.

Reid said these criticisms merely showed the game was still in a "real beta" phase.

"You should expect to see some rough edges, some things not working so well," he said. "Other recent console betas have tended to be working launch demos. We're doing something unprecedented here, and we want to get everything right before we join those two worlds."

This will push DUST514 very close to the big gaming conventions of 2013 and the expected displaying of the new Xbox and Playstation consoles.

However this will also move the release away from the typical Christmas AAA titles like Halo 4 etc etc, which is probably a good thing.

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