Monday, November 5, 2012

The SS Blues

A while ago in Eve Online game time I manufactured ships amongst other things, namely T2 ships.  Now for one reason or another I stopped doing this, put drop sheets over everything in the hanger and left for null sec, only returning every second week or when I wanted to.

Recently, today in fact, so quite recently then, I decided to revisit my T2 production line to see if it would be profitable enough to start up again.  The figures looked good on the market but I had to check the costs were correct as those pesky folks at CCP are happy to muck about from time to time with the "ingredients".

After some searching I found a spreadsheet which seemed to suggest it was used for some sort of T2 production, opened it and was fairly baffled by what appeared.

Now in Eve Online we often have to use spreadsheets for a variety of tasks, sometimes created by ourselves and sometimes "obtained" from others and co-opted for our own nefarious means.

I was getting fairly frustrated with this one and started cursing the creator, which after checking who made it found out it was one of mine.

Right then...okay.

So the first task was to figure out if it was still correct, as I hadn't touched it since December 2011.  The amount of materials required was a little out, and the costs were well out as inflation has descended upon New Eden pretty harshly in the past twelve months. Essentially the document was sound, I figured out what did what and added some better descriptions so a post with a large similarity to this one doesn't have to be written in twenty four months time.

One of the issues I now have is the frailty of freighters.  Ten destroyers worth four fifths of fuck all can destroy one, taking more than one billion plus the cargo from your assets list with a howl that most certainly disturbs the people down the street in number forty seven.

The Orca is an option as it can be tanked and the trick with a 100MN Afterburner reduces the waiting time to warp, but the cargo hold is small in comparison.

What I'd like to see is a freighter that can tank, but is rather expensive, as a counter against a dozen ten day old alts destroying the hauling trade in Eve Online.

It would be adequate if this was before Christmas but any time this year is fine.

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