Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am!

How time flies!  I have a heap of browser tabs lined up to comment on so don't expect well thought out responses or War and Peace length.

Right first up we have:


Yes that's right David Braben, yes THAT David Braben of Elite fame is looking to utilise the massive future fraud tool wonderful device that is Kickstarter to fund a sequel to Elite.  Well David we've had a sequel or two from you, they were buggy pieces of shit in the extreme, we now have Eve Online, give it up and design a space ship for CCP or something.

Your work with the Raspberry PI is appreciated though.


CCP have found some time to gather many but probably not all of the changes due on the 4th of December (2012 for those reading from the future).


It's starting to look like they may be able to create a silk purse from a sows ear after all, however many ship balance changes at once are a worry.

Spin, spin, spin the OP ship wheel, hope you're a winner!


Forum posts are generally terrible with trolls trying to troll trolls who are trolling the trolls back with trolling glee, but one post caught my eye, something I'd been banging on about for a while.


Dynamic Security Status of some description.  Yes good idea, do this.



Well no shit as CCP does everything slowly, except when they don't and it's rubbish.

I'm looking at you AURUM, expensive monocle and Walking In Stations.

Everything about DUST514 is happening slowly, it won't be in full release until the PS5 is available at this rate.


Oh and future people, you still don't have flying cars as the drivers are the problem, not the cars, and sorry we still haven't done anything useful to combat whatever it is you're pissed off at us about.

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