Monday, December 17, 2012

December Update

It's difficult to know what to post about at the moment.

The latest patch update expansion (Retribution) seems to have been a success, especially the bounty system.

War declarations have been massaged to stop the eternal wars, new ships are now available with names that take some getting used to when seen in the overview.

Downtime (DT) is still annoying, especially the almost nightly long DT's that followed Retribution, as it impacted heavily on my prime time zone for internet space ships.

Ganking still seems to be happening, neutral repping the same.

The freezing in carbonite (mixing franchises for the twitches) of Walking In Stations is rather depressing, mostly as this will miss targeting a brand new Eve Online audience.  It would have also been cool to stand around with the corp mates while chatting, but that doesn't actually add much to the game play.

Planetside 2 has stolen the thunder of DUST514, both on the SONY console regrettably.  With the current glut of console shooters, Planetside 2 out dusting DUST514 with the kiddies I'm struggling to see how DUST514 it will be relevant upon eventual release.

I would like to be proven wrong but I think DUST514's life will be short and ugly.

Not forgetting the new consoles are due out in 2013 which given the pace of the DUST514 release schedule means the new SONY console will be out several years before a general non-beta DUST514 release.

Probably joking.

Might not be.

My characters are healthy, ie. they all have a task and are doing it well enough.

The corporation is also healthy, as is the alliance.

We are changing alliances though, going back to one we were in a while ago.

Checking out the velvet glove of a previous hot girlfriend as it were.

Hoping she hasn't had too many kids yet.

It should be a good move, I hope it is.

I found something to write about after all.

Go me.

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