Monday, December 10, 2012

MMO's Die

All MMO's will die, eventually.

It is most likely that one day Eve Online will be switched off and "die".

This can be a sad and sometimes traumatic event for the people still enjoying themselves in the virtual world they've made their own.

Recently GameSpy was bought by a company called Glu who have then proceeded to switch off the multi player aspect of numerous games.

Their facebook page seems to be never ending vertical misery and rage.

With luck this fate will not befall Eve Online, I don't think it will in the short to medium term.  DUST514 I'm not so sure about.  I hope I'm not longer involved in the struggles of New Eden when the seemingly inevitable shutdown happens, many years in the future.

So why bother now?  

It's an enjoyable way to pass the time that far surpasses many of the other options available.

The King may eventually die but long live the King!

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