Monday, January 14, 2013

Digging Up Newton

In Eve Online the physics are a bit strange.

For example, the space ships "fly" as if they're submarines and the surrounding space has mass.

Which it actually can in an almost not there way but in a more correct sense it doesn't.

Following on from this we have sound in space and shock waves.

When you destroy a ship the remaining wreck just stops like it deploys an invisible anchor into the dark matter.

How do you know Dark Matter is fast?  It's so fast it's already there before you are.


These are just some examples of the weird physics in Eve Online, I don't doubt their are others.

With the introduction of the DUST514 players into our server and therefore our universe something else strange has happened.

Some planets have stopped rotating.

You may, or indeed may not have, noticed the planets in Eve Online rotate upon their axis.  However they don't orbit the local gravity well, almost always a single sun.  The moons don't orbit the planets either.

The planets the DUST514 players are on do not rotate.  As the battles are in places called Districts and the pilots in Eve have to stay above those to provide bombardment support from above, CCP found it much easier to just stop the rotation so the capsuleers don't have to do anything hard, like navigate a tiny bit.

In the real universe, our universe, everything is moving!  Everything!

How cool would it be in Eve Online if the solar systems orbited around a central point, planets orbited stars (why are binary system under represented in Eve Online?), moons around planets, asteroids around suns or other solar systems gravity wells.  What about lagrange points?

The obvious response is the computing power this would require, to that I don't know the answer, outside of CCP I don't think anybody could provide an accurate one.

I'm not asking for accurate Newtonian Physics but a closer approach to reality would be appreciated.

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