Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fleet Woes

A fleet has been formed!

Great a fleet!  I can join up and go shoot some stuff with the blues.

Joined the fleet.

My message in fleet chat, "I've just joined fleet, what ships do you want?"

No Message Of The Day (MOTD) had been set.

"Bring a Nano ship.", was the reply.

Okay no worries I have my favourite Nano ship the Hurricane, several others also say they'll be bringing a Hurricane.

Then a couple of people in voice chat say the Hurricane, while they are an official doctrine ship for the Nano fit, are too slow and could we fly something else.

At the moment the market at our base in The Vale is rubbish, it is getting better so rubbish is an upgrade from shithouse, but with no time I don't have a ship for the fleet.


Also by this stage I'm quite pissed off with a blue on comms who seems to spend his whole time bitching and whining about this or that and belittling people and their fits.  I've heard him do it before.  Not sure of his name and not convinced it would help matters if I named him here.

Dropped fleet and disconnected from comms.

Now I need something else to do!

I wonder if I can obtain enough XP to buy the better Churchill IV...

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