Saturday, January 12, 2013

Insertion of the Blue Helmets

The year is 2013.

With luck you've had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year holiday season.

CCP have introduced the ground dwelling expendable "humans" otherwise known as DUST514 players to our server.  They can be found in various system including Soshin should you wish to chat with them about who knows what.

While I've been ignoring this blog for the past, has it been that long, almost two weeks, I've been PVP'ing!

The usual run of the mill stuff generally except for last night when the Thorax's visited.

Two of them in fact, they approached me at the station in my Hurricane, pointed one and he died, the other ran away.

I suppose a pair of Thorax would hope to catch smaller stuff or haulers on gates but I cannot figure out what they thought could be achieved by attacking much more capable ships at a hostile station.

Good fights?

Not really.

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