Friday, March 15, 2013

Cheap Target

A guy called Omin Penshar has had kill rights against me for a while, but now, after twenty days, he has made the kill right available to his alliance for a measly fifty thousand ISK.

Fifty thousand ISK!  I was outraged!

However it does make the cost of taking a pot shot at me a nice low barrier for them.

Their alliance only has sixty nine members (and falling) and by the looks of it not much money.

Sort of feel sorry for them.

I'd totally forgotten about this kill, did some kill board research and found out he was in a T1 hauler which I was a very small help on.  We destroyed about ninety million ISK worth of "stuff" and about nine million ISK worth of "stuff" dropped.

The loot fairies were not kind.

I don't recall if we grabbed any of it as it was just the miscellaneous contents of his hanger.

He seems pissed though.

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