Sunday, April 28, 2013


It would seem all is not well at CCP.  They appear to have a Fifth Column that is trying to sabotage the next expansion, Odyssey, by intentionally misspelling it on the splash screen when the launcher appears.

Of course it could just be good old fashioned incompetence.

For those that care this was noticed on the 28th of April 2013 at 8:35am eastern Australian time.

Work out your own conversion.

* CCP fixed this about six days later.  I didn't twitch very much waiting for the fix.

Friday, April 26, 2013

April Roundup

RL is kicking my arse at the moment so not much time to Eve Online or catch up with Fanfest, however...

Here is a Youtube video of the new jump effect which is pretty cool!

Some changes to mining coming up!  Probably to help combat the scourge of botting but also an attempt to make good on promises made numerous years ago.

Other more general changes.

Navy ships are incoming!

And finally some bad after all that good,  the Eve store is being relaunched with some currently horrendously expensive items.  Hopefully some more affordable tat with be released soon.

Also the goons did some stuff in and around Jita and the new CSM has probably been announced, so no real changes essentially.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Secret Goon Business

Something the high security dwellers need to know about is the next "secret" Goonswarm ganking fest due to begin on or around the 19th of April 2013 and conclude on or around the 21st.

More text below, but don't forget it's a secret!  :-)

Burn Jita 2.0: April 19-21st 2013

There are few things that we of nullsec can agree upon, but one of them is, inevitably, ‘fuck hisec’. We will now wash away the frustrations of March’s cold war by covering ourselves in the blood and suffering of the people of hisec, the weekend before Fanfest begins – just in time to remind these people who the fuck we are. As before, we will invite every null entity which wants to participate in our holy cause.

Last year there was a tremendous amount of publicity about Burn Jita, leading to a whole host of hisec movements and wardecs to counter our efforts. This year we will not be making public statements about the Burn or actively trying to advertise it. Yes, we are giving approximately 19 days of notice with this post, as well as coordinating across the CFC and the HBC if they want to participate, but the blind sleeping masses of hisec will not realize something is coming until it is too late. I am eager to see what happens to hisec if we show up without three months of wardrum-beating and hype, unannounced, and commence putting everything to the sword.

The first Burn taught us a lot. We know Jita has a population cap; we know there are only so many routes into the system which are traffic controlled. We know as well that goons in Jita enjoyed not only taking out freighters, but spreading the carnage by using thrashers to take out industrials of random passers-by. A Burn is fundamentally a terror operation; it is not so much about the isk value of each freighter destroyed as it is implanting fear into the hearts and minds of even the most humble industrialist in his Badger II. This year we will be not only ganking freighters and industrials within Jita, but Miniluv will patrol the lanes outside of Jita to destroy anyone trapped on the gates from traffic control. The number of humans involved means that it will still be a complete mess, but we expect our terror-sowing to be much more efficient than last year.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Usual Suspects

From left, CEO, Roku, Yosagi, Token, Others

Finally found the time to do this, the optional green background change CCP recently made to the screenshot system for full body portraits certainly speeds up the process.

I've just noticed the three girls are wearing exactly the same boots, that'll be awkward someday mark my words.