Monday, May 20, 2013

Douche Cavalcade of Stupidity

It's difficult to know what to post at the moment.

Various releases from CCP are showing the changes that are incoming with the Odyssey expansion.  At some stage I should have a better look at them but not at the moment.

Eventually it will happen to us all but real life has caught up with me recently and my time available to exist in the Eve Online universe, and converse with the mostly awesome people in it, has become more and more limited over time.

Just in case you're wondering, this is not a goodbye post, merely an acknowledgment of a change of pace.

While I hope to dip a body part into null security space at some stage again in the future at the moment that isn't possible.  Well I could do it but not to the standards that would make me happy.  Feelings of guilt had become overwhelming as I just couldn't spend the time to help the null security corporation.  Essentially I'd become a reluctant leech.

So stepping back from that, and I did this a month or two ago, and trying to exist in high security space is hard.  One description would be I was having the time of my life in Las Vegas, but realised it was going sour,  moved to a town called Safe but Boring in Utah.  Disappointing but we move on.

So high security space...what's this place like now?

I had to laugh after the ten year anniversary happened and everybody received a Gnossis battlecruiser.  I'd pass through jump gates and see some guy just sitting there in his Gnossis flexing.


I'd enter the odd system and find fleets of miners moving as if they were a flock of sparrows, moving this way and that with perfect timing.  Obviously they are bots or group controlled, which may in fact not be the case but it looked damned suspicious.

The scourge of Jita seems to have moved into the neighbouring systems and they are now polluted with local spam for this and that.  I still see the guys trying to scam with the seven Caldari something or other when in fact the contract only has the one item.  Classic. The "I'm leaving Eve and I'm giving away all my ISK" scam is also another gem.  Somebody must fall for these things from time to time otherwise why would they continue, or that's just what they think and in fact nobody falls for them but the scammers just continue on.

When I say high security space I mean The Forge which has Jita as a lesion clinging to its hide.  The other areas have various versions of Jita, Jita-lite if you will, the result is much the same.

Jita is a requirement, a necessity but going there is a chore.  Not because it's far as it is not but just the constant douche cavalcade of stupidity that emanates from this lesion in space.  Dock up, sell my stuff, and get the hell out is the order of the day.  Other people probably see it as all rainbows and shiny unicorns, a land of opportunity...good for them.

The glass is half full, the glass is half empty.  Ha!  More like the rim of the glass has a line of invisible nerve agent and no matter what frame of mind you have it'll get you in the end.

So yes this is all getting a bit dark and it's getting late.

High security space, it's like a zoo, a sterile place, but...the wilds of the nature park are just over there in the distance.

I'll explore it again one day.

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