Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dust Off That Joystick

It seems the 2013 Fanfest has caused an avalanche of news, so here it is!

The Oculus Rift is gaining some traction, so a few devs in their spare time decided to create a game using the Eve Online tools, it is called EVR.  It is not for general release, it may never be, it should be, we need this!

Penny Arcade also believe DUST514 will change Eve Online forever.

"Soon the two worlds will be linked through their complex economies, as well as the in-game bonuses that are shared between EVE Online and DUST by controlling planets. Players in EVE Online will be able to directly fund their forces on the ground using cash they earned in space. "

Finally we have the keynote speech, also from the 2013 Fanfest.  Some interesting stuff, nothing really ground breaking but I hope the changes to mining will break the bots, at least for a while.

Am I excited about Odyssey?  Yes I am as it forces changes which will shake up the universe somewhat.  However the better organised groups, Goons etc, will adapt quickly if not universally due to their size, but they, and I mean all large groups here, can buy their way into the new regime.

What I hear often is the lament about botting.  I've been adding botters to my contact list for ages and to be honest most of them no longer login, which is fantastic.  With luck the mining changes will stop their mining bots dead in their tracks, but software being software I suspect it will just slow them down at best.

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