Friday, May 3, 2013

Eve Online TV Series?

File this in the "Believe it when you see it" but an Eve Online TV show is being talked about in connection with a guy who is shooting something on HBO which goes by the moniker "It's not TV, it's HBO" or something similar.

Somehow the viewing public are going to become enthralled with one house against another, treachery and honour, yada yada yada.

Yes I'm making a not very subtle Game of Thrones reference.

I'm struggling to see how a series "about" Eve Online will become popular but what it may be able to do is increase the profile of both Eve Online and DUST514.

If this happens, and it's an if that reaches Everest high, the ETA is most certainly a couple of years away.  The obvious problem there is DUST514, as by that stage the PS3 has been replaced by the next generation kit by at least one year and the players could be dropping away.  With luck DUST514 has compatibility with the "PS4", they'd be mad not to.  This assumes the series will visit the guys down there in the mud at all.

Here are some links which may just be reporting the same hoax source.

So watch this space but at the speed CCP travels I'll be playing Eve Online in a holographic tank before this series ever sees the light of day.

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