Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good Game Reviews DUST514!

Hex on the left and Bajo on the right.  
One of the Australian television shows dedicated to gaming, cunningly called Good Game, has reviewed DUST514!

Good Game DUST514 Review Article

Good Game DUST514 Review Video  (strangely it sounds like they've been huffing helium)

After the unexpected cautiousness:

Yes, I have made it half-way through the games tutorial however. The EVE fan base is made up of some of the most committed players in the world. For example the community has its own government known as the "Council of Stellar Management", which is made up of elected players from around the world. And the developer actually flies them to Iceland to discuss potential improvements and changes to the game. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is.

So we apologise to the diehard fans, but your game is massive and intricate beyond belief and no doubt we'll miss some amazing fact or say something wrong. But now that we've covered ourselves, let's talk about the game! So Dust 514 is an online only shooter which at first glance doesn't seem particularly different from other team based shooters out there. Although it is free to play and it's nice to see more quality free to play games coming to consoles.

They then move on to the game itself:

Yeah, so you've got your standard variety of classes to choose from including assault, medic, engineer and snipers. Matches are played out on fairly large maps, usually with sixteen players a side, although it apparently supports up to forty eight players, but we never found a match that big.

There are a few different game modes including a team death match but mostly you'll be playing a 'capture the point' mode where taking a point activates a large missile battery that will start attacking the enemies command ship. And the first team to take down the enemy ship, wins.

The usual misunderstanding about the lack of a PC version:

I did love the gritty sci-fi design of the worlds, and the maps are great with plenty of room for vehicles and some excellent opportunities for snipers. But I gotta say it's not the prettiest game around tho, it's not awful but it's not great. It is interesting that it's a PS3 exclusive.

Yeah, you would think they would include at least a PC version given that the PS4 is just around the corner, and the uncertainty of backwards compatibility. Does this game have a limited shelf life?

Which admitedly they address further later on. For the final scores and other comments follow the links but it was a pretty well rounded review. The haters are going to hate but I was happy enough with it.

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