Monday, June 10, 2013

Considering MintChip

Next to where I have my computers I have an outside area which has a semi transparent roof.  On this roof, most afternoons lately, it has become a pigeon shagging destination.  For something else that I do I sometimes have to record voice audio, and it's hard when they're banging away like the end of the world is soon.

Which for a pigeon it probably is.

In a strange way this brings me to the MintChip saga of the last few days.  As written here and literally viewed by SOME people, I linked to various bits of the outrage, the outrage her hiring has caused.

I've been thinking about the reasons for this outrage.  Is it because she is female?  Is it because she has shown the fleshy parts of her body we would not normally be able to see?  Is it because she plays Eve Online and has some knowledge about the subject?

Ideally if you outlined all those points, attached them to a random female image from the internet, one who hasn't hit every branch of the ugly tree, you'd probably have the description of an ideal partner.

Is she not female enough?  Is she not pretty enough?  Is the knowledge inadequate?

It seems very disingenuous to be complaining about the first two, not that this would have stopped people in the past.  So is it the third option?

DUST514, for that's what she has been hired for, is a much more recent creation than Eve Online so the history is not nearly as detailed.  However it does exist in the Eve Online universe so some knowledge of the history of Eve would be required.  Does she lack that?

It's difficult to know where all the forum rage is coming from, we must not forget the fact that the vast percentage of people playing Eve Online don't post on the forums or even view them.

At the end of the day we have to put a certain level of trust in CCP, we essentially do already as they have control over the game we enjoy, and assume they've seen something of use (to the game) in MintChip, and like any other employee if she doesn't work out they'll turf her into the nearest volcano.

Or just politely show her the door.

You never can tell with the Icelanders.

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