Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Freezehunter Rage Quit

So this guy called Freezehunter lost a T1 hauler near a gate full of expensive stuff, about 1.2 billion ISK of expensive stuff, and then bitches about it on the forums.

I'll link the loss mail (the loot fairies were NOT kind to the ganker) and his rant below.

First lets explore what he did wrong.

He assumed high security space was safe.

He carried a large amount of high value ISK items in a low tanking ship.

He assumed his tank would be able to withstand an attack.

He bitched about it on the forums.

Finally he confused the general Eve Online forum population with people who would give a damn.

How could he have done it better?

A tanked Orca would have been a vast improvement, failing that a freighter.  If possible fly the ship to the destination rather (this looked like a courier contract though) than carry it as cargo.  Don't go via known ganking routes.  Use a second account to scout the way.

At the end of the day his loss is 95% his fault.

Loss mail > http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=19901119#ixzz2X5W5JNyg

Forum post > https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=251808&find=unread

Forum post text is below:

I quit the game over this death, permanently, been playing since 2007.

I was doing a 2 billion collateral, 3.5 million ISK reward, 5 EMPIRE jump courier contract because I was bored out of my mind and decided to have a nice evening playing Eve and doing couriers to help people and make a little money too, because it's been my main chillout game since 2007.

I got scanned as I started aligning and when I landed on the gate AT ZERO, I got instapopped by a Tornado BEFORE I GOT TO JUMP, that is less than 2 ******* seconds.

I lost over 2 billion ISK instantly in a 1.0 system, while transporting cargo in a TANKED cargo ship with a supposed 21000 HP buffer/semiactive tank and level 5 tanking skills in all tanking types.

To me this is an absolute load of bullshit and because of this I have decided to give all my remaining assets (about 800 mil worth and ISK (2.76 billion) to Chribba and gave Freezehunter to a RL friend, as it is my only character.

I planned to give Freeze to Chribba at first because deleting a 87 million SP char is kind of a waste but he said no.

When you lose 2 billion to an instalocking instakilling ship that costs about 80 million fitted, in a 1.0 system, you know it is about ******* time to finally quit the game you've been wasting money on since 2007.

So long and thanks for all the bullshit, meanwhile, I have pledged over 400 dollars to Star Citizen and I am glad to finally kick the habit of paying for a second job.

Let the circlejerk commence.

This account expired a few days ago and my friend has not played yet, I am using Hours for PLEX to write this.

Feel free to ban me. And also **** You. If you don't believe me, just ask Chribba.

Edit: I almost forgot to mention, a big **** YOU to all the morons that didn't believe me when I said Dust would be an epic failure and a waste of money a year ago, it has less than 5000 players and the next console gen is about to come out. Congratulations on failing in an epic way CCP.

Edit2: Another big **** you to any moron that says that I didn't take proper precautions and that I expected 100% safety, learn to ******* read, I HAD AN ACTIVATED 21000 HP TANK AND STILL GOT INSTAKILLEDD EVEN THOUGH I WAS FLYING MANUALLY AND WARPED TO ZERO.

Edit3: the "lel" and ridicule posts in this thread are a perfect example of why this community has always sucked massive **** and why I will be having actual fun playing Star Citizen in 2 years, while your numbers here dwindle more and more and CCP makes another **** up and goes bankrupt ,enjoy this bullshit while it lasts, personally I still think that having less than 400k total accounts after 10 years is an epic failure.

You are the most **** community I have ever seen in online gaming, and I have been playing online games since 1994, it is as if Eve has all the sociopaths and junk that the other MMOS have banned and filtered out, enjoy your circle jerk and gate camping and blob **** fests while they still last...

Edit4: LOL, apparently I fail miserably at Eve because I only had 5 billion ISK because that is what games are all about, right, jewing it up... **** off.

Also, yes, I was hauling in a normal, TANKED hauler because I only had to do FIVE ******* JUMPS THROUGH HIGH SEC. Don't try to tell me I am a bad player or other bullshit just because i didn't spend 300 million on a blockade runner to move **** through HIGH SEC, I had a reasonable expectation of SAFETY when I tanked the ******* thing up to 21000 EHP for a normal HIGH SEC run.

I've done way more dangerous runs through low sec, null and wormholes in blockade runners perfectly fine, and survived no problem. Do don't ******* try to blame this bullshit on me, it's a game mechanic problem when a ship that is worth ******* nothing can kill 2+ billion worth of **** in under 2 seconds. **** off with trying to justify this bullshit. Haulers are crap and T3 BCs are broken as **** and do way more than they should for their price, but CCP has started on the path to making this game totally noob friendly 2 years ago, so that any tard that started the game 2 months ago can instakill someone that has 87 million SP and has paid for and played the game since 200 ******* 7. You keep defending this bullshit, meanwhile someone else is going to get a lot of money from me for making a way more fun and superior game because I've had it up to HERE with this unbalanced crap.

I am not one to ***** and moan about ship losses as i've lost PLENTY of **** since 2007, it's just that losing so much money in such a ******** way to such a young alt in such a cheap but OP as **** ship/ship type pisses me the **** off.

And I don't give a **** what anyone says, 21000 HP should not just ******* melt to ONE volley from ONE instalocking, gatecamping ship.

Last edit, I'm off to have some actual fun in ARMA 3.

OK, for real now, last edit: Star Citizen can not fail within the next 2 years because that is when it will launch and considering it is crowd funded and already has almost 11 million dollars and it is not even out yet, I am pretty sure you are wrong. I spent over 400 dollars on it for a reason and I usually never make bad calls when it comes to money. Except for in games with **** balancing and game mechanics of course, and we all know which game I am talking about.

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