Saturday, June 22, 2013

Raving and Drooling

It is a Murder of Crows.

A Parliament of Owls.

I couldn't care less.

Not, "I could care less".

When did that statement come into common use?

I want to find the little fucktard that first said "I could care less" and nuke that person and everybody around it in a five mile radius.

Yeah I said it.

So today I bumped some ice miners, gathered some tears and Support Ticket creation opportunities.

Good Times!

Tried some PVP with RvB, almost had my arse handed to me by three red dudes who were a bit trigger happy.  What happened to the love guys?  The LOVE?  Oh yeah they were red and I was blue, fine.

Even though my RvB character, icon, player, avatar, WOFTAM, is in an expendable ship I don't like losing them.  It's probably a hold over from the null security days, which seem like many days ago now.

It's really cold here at the moment, well for us it is.  I reach for a jumper if it drops below twenty Celsius.  The last few nights we've had single figures overnight.  That's right people it dropped to nine degrees!  I'm all rugged up as I'm fairly far north in the land of XXXX and the house has no heater, doesn't need one.  Wish it had one now.

On the plus side with the rooms so cool the computer is operating really well...touch wood.

I've jinxed it haven't I?

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