Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tranq is Down!

Other sites will probably call this a developing story, for me it's a chance to cook some decent food and wash.


Tranquility the main server for Eve Online, you know, the one that has all the dudes login, has been down for at least an hour and quite possibly more.

The server had issues with users experiencing closed sockets all morning, ie. they were being booted by the game, and finally it would seem CCP are doing something about it.

My best guess, which once several others sites repeat this will become fact, is CCP have dropped the server to investigate the issues but have also put the rest of the Eve Online eco system offline.  This includes the main landing page, forums, etc, for reasons unknown.

Of course the conspiracy theorists among you, ie. the screaming lunatics, will of course say this is another example of how Eve is dying yada yada yada.

As we received a gift of 50,000 SP the last time CCP experienced server issues not that long ago it doesn't take a genius to figure out we have another SP gift incoming after the current issues are resolved.

I wonder if I have enough time for a soufflé?

Update:  The answer was no as just as I posted the above this happened!

The DUST514 server also went down.

This is interesting as I thought they were now on the same server, Tranquility, so the time delay could be caused by the status monitoring web site whereas in reality DUST514 went offline as soon as Eve did.

Time will tell.

Update 2:  The server came back after an hour and a half or so but with some continuing issues.

Update 3:  Most of the text in the new launcher is now in Russian.  What the hells going on with that!

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