Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Goon Aftermath

Apparently the fight in 6VDT-H was a pretty big deal, and it essentially ends the major war by Goons against TEST.

It was reported in traditionally non Eve Online media, and the usual places:

BBC News
Eve News 24
Games On Net
Discovery News

While I was reading the various battle reports from both sides, the ecstatic comments from the victors and attempts at moral boosting from the losers I couldn't help wondering.

What happens to Goons when they have no more enemies?

Can any group stand up to the Goons in the near future?

Do the Goons need a clear and sizeable enemy for their own survivable?

If the Goons don't have a clear enemy, and they become bored, do they implode from the instability of the average Goon member?

Goons may have won the war but can they survive the peace?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Newbies Ahoy!

The Steam Summer sales powers on, today, among others, Eve Online is being offered at a low low price.

Start camping those starter systems!
Some new meat for the grinder!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Painters Are Done!

It is fairly alarming I know, it's scaring the shit out of me, but here we are the day after a blog post and I have another one!

This one was going to be about the shocking state of my still wrongly expired account and all the pain and anguish it was causing me.

However overnight, seemingly within a couple of hours from my petition support ticket being created it was fixed and an apology was provided.  An apology?  Yes an apology!

It's almost as if CCP has a functioning support service.  Which of course if a person read the raving lunacy that is the general discussion forums you wouldn't expect. As it seems post after post is made by some guy wanting his PVE ship back because of something something.

Eve Online is harsh, Winter is coming, tough love is a type of love.

Make your choice.

I could have made this post about CCP robbing fan sites of content by fixing problems in a faster than expected time, but that would be stretching the friendship a fair bit and also potentially setting myself up for a fall in the future.

I have anecdotal evidence (some guy told me) that the changes to the ice belts may in fact be encouraging botters rather than excluding them, which will be interesting to keep an eye on.

The screen shot competition seems lame, and I don't usually use the word lame as it is, well, lacking in substance, for want of a better word.

Ahh another post which started with the best of intentions has faded away into nothing.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Painters Are In!

Yes it's that time of year kiddies, account inactivity time!

Every year, about this time, my account goes inactive while CCP figures out why this is so and eventually enables it again.

So I'll be out of the game until that happens.

Happily the Steam Summer sale is now on.  Ignoring the fact it is actually Winter for us, and a very short Winter where I am, the sale is both awesome and terrifying.  Already I've spent literally some coin on the tempting specials, but the one I'd like to highlight is Civilisation V.

Before you start, yes I'm aware this is usually a blog about Eve Online but until the Icelandics enable my account just imagine Civ V is just a really detailed version of Planetary Interaction in Eve Online.

Civ V is awesome, but also a massive black hole for time, it just goes!

It has arrived just in time while my New Eden guys are stuck in limbo.

Friday, July 5, 2013

CCP Zigged Instead of Zagged

It happens, at least they are telling us all about it.  The conspiracy theorists, they are easy to spot as they'll be the idiot friends of a friend, will never believe this of course, good thing that doesn't matter.

Without further delay the text of the matter:

Evening capsuleers,

We’d like to ask that you keep discussions and questions relating to tonight’s fleet fight in Z9PP-H to this thread so as to keep CCP responses centralized, and to make this the go to place for questions and answers.

We’d first like to explain the situation, and what exactly has happened so far.

Owing to the heavy load in Z9PP-H, caused by a fleet flight involving 2200+ pilots deeply embroiled in the Fountain War, the decision was made to remap all other systems away from the node on which Z9PP-H was located in order to improve responsiveness and playability. We were later than we wanted to be to try to reinforce the node (obviously) since it was a more organic-type battle without a fleet fight notification. Once we fully assessed the situation and what was at play, we figured it was time to go for it and the remap in preparation of what was set to be "Asakai 2.0".

This was put into play at 22:14 UTC, however due to an error in communication, all systems including Z9PP-H itself were moved from the node, which caused everyone who was in the system and was involved in the ongoing fleet fight to be disconnected from Tranquility.

The system of Z9PP-H was brought back online and made accessible as fast as possible, however we realize that the mass disconnect of everyone involved in the fight means that ships are potentially saved by their pilots not logging back in once they have been disconnected, or are lost due to other unforeseen consequences of the disconnect.

All pilots involved have our sincerest apologies for this error, and we are currently looking to review our policy of action in these types of situation to ensure that this is not repeated.

Many of us here at CCP were watching various player streams of the battle as it unfolded and cannot apologize enough for such a mistake, or for disrupting what was setting out to be an unbelievably epic fleet fight

If you have any questions or comments, please keep them to this thread as a centralized point of contact, and we’ll see about answering them.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Things to do when War Decced

Whores in Space have war decced my corp, as they have many others.  The killboard is most entertaining as pilot after pilot ignore the golden rules of Eve Online during wartime.

While I don't wish to go into operational matters for what I believe are fairly obvious reasons, I have some time to burn while they search for me somewhere in my home system.

The first job is to replace my computers hard drives, both have been running for six years continuously and are well overdue a replacement.  The replacement will be a fast Plextor 256Gb SSD as the boot drive and a fast 2Tb WD HDD for bulk data storage, the 2Tb external backup drive will remain.

Eve Online will also be stored on the SSD to improve game transitions and dual boxing speed.

The display card (also known as the video card) is okay but has to be looked at in the next six months, probably post Christmas as bargains can be had in the giddy shopping frenzy that is January.

That's about it for the computer for now.  I've had the parts sitting here for about a week so it's been a very handy enforced downtime that has forced me into gear.

One funny thing happened the day after the war was declared, I had an offer of help!  A corp offered to help in my war for only ninety million ISK!  I thought this was a protection scam and they are in league with the war deccers but no, it's a single person corp just hoping somebody doesn't do basic checking and clicks yes.

His one man corp should do huge damage against the 450+ of the Whore in Space folks.

I shall look on with great interest.