Friday, July 5, 2013

CCP Zigged Instead of Zagged

It happens, at least they are telling us all about it.  The conspiracy theorists, they are easy to spot as they'll be the idiot friends of a friend, will never believe this of course, good thing that doesn't matter.

Without further delay the text of the matter:

Evening capsuleers,

We’d like to ask that you keep discussions and questions relating to tonight’s fleet fight in Z9PP-H to this thread so as to keep CCP responses centralized, and to make this the go to place for questions and answers.

We’d first like to explain the situation, and what exactly has happened so far.

Owing to the heavy load in Z9PP-H, caused by a fleet flight involving 2200+ pilots deeply embroiled in the Fountain War, the decision was made to remap all other systems away from the node on which Z9PP-H was located in order to improve responsiveness and playability. We were later than we wanted to be to try to reinforce the node (obviously) since it was a more organic-type battle without a fleet fight notification. Once we fully assessed the situation and what was at play, we figured it was time to go for it and the remap in preparation of what was set to be "Asakai 2.0".

This was put into play at 22:14 UTC, however due to an error in communication, all systems including Z9PP-H itself were moved from the node, which caused everyone who was in the system and was involved in the ongoing fleet fight to be disconnected from Tranquility.

The system of Z9PP-H was brought back online and made accessible as fast as possible, however we realize that the mass disconnect of everyone involved in the fight means that ships are potentially saved by their pilots not logging back in once they have been disconnected, or are lost due to other unforeseen consequences of the disconnect.

All pilots involved have our sincerest apologies for this error, and we are currently looking to review our policy of action in these types of situation to ensure that this is not repeated.

Many of us here at CCP were watching various player streams of the battle as it unfolded and cannot apologize enough for such a mistake, or for disrupting what was setting out to be an unbelievably epic fleet fight

If you have any questions or comments, please keep them to this thread as a centralized point of contact, and we’ll see about answering them.

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