Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Goon Aftermath

Apparently the fight in 6VDT-H was a pretty big deal, and it essentially ends the major war by Goons against TEST.

It was reported in traditionally non Eve Online media, and the usual places:

BBC News
Eve News 24
Games On Net
Discovery News

While I was reading the various battle reports from both sides, the ecstatic comments from the victors and attempts at moral boosting from the losers I couldn't help wondering.

What happens to Goons when they have no more enemies?

Can any group stand up to the Goons in the near future?

Do the Goons need a clear and sizeable enemy for their own survivable?

If the Goons don't have a clear enemy, and they become bored, do they implode from the instability of the average Goon member?

Goons may have won the war but can they survive the peace?

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