Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Painters Are Done!

It is fairly alarming I know, it's scaring the shit out of me, but here we are the day after a blog post and I have another one!

This one was going to be about the shocking state of my still wrongly expired account and all the pain and anguish it was causing me.

However overnight, seemingly within a couple of hours from my petition support ticket being created it was fixed and an apology was provided.  An apology?  Yes an apology!

It's almost as if CCP has a functioning support service.  Which of course if a person read the raving lunacy that is the general discussion forums you wouldn't expect. As it seems post after post is made by some guy wanting his PVE ship back because of something something.

Eve Online is harsh, Winter is coming, tough love is a type of love.

Make your choice.

I could have made this post about CCP robbing fan sites of content by fixing problems in a faster than expected time, but that would be stretching the friendship a fair bit and also potentially setting myself up for a fall in the future.

I have anecdotal evidence (some guy told me) that the changes to the ice belts may in fact be encouraging botters rather than excluding them, which will be interesting to keep an eye on.

The screen shot competition seems lame, and I don't usually use the word lame as it is, well, lacking in substance, for want of a better word.

Ahh another post which started with the best of intentions has faded away into nothing.

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