Monday, July 15, 2013

The Painters Are In!

Yes it's that time of year kiddies, account inactivity time!

Every year, about this time, my account goes inactive while CCP figures out why this is so and eventually enables it again.

So I'll be out of the game until that happens.

Happily the Steam Summer sale is now on.  Ignoring the fact it is actually Winter for us, and a very short Winter where I am, the sale is both awesome and terrifying.  Already I've spent literally some coin on the tempting specials, but the one I'd like to highlight is Civilisation V.

Before you start, yes I'm aware this is usually a blog about Eve Online but until the Icelandics enable my account just imagine Civ V is just a really detailed version of Planetary Interaction in Eve Online.

Civ V is awesome, but also a massive black hole for time, it just goes!

It has arrived just in time while my New Eden guys are stuck in limbo.

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