Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Things to do when War Decced

Whores in Space have war decced my corp, as they have many others.  The killboard is most entertaining as pilot after pilot ignore the golden rules of Eve Online during wartime.

While I don't wish to go into operational matters for what I believe are fairly obvious reasons, I have some time to burn while they search for me somewhere in my home system.

The first job is to replace my computers hard drives, both have been running for six years continuously and are well overdue a replacement.  The replacement will be a fast Plextor 256Gb SSD as the boot drive and a fast 2Tb WD HDD for bulk data storage, the 2Tb external backup drive will remain.

Eve Online will also be stored on the SSD to improve game transitions and dual boxing speed.

The display card (also known as the video card) is okay but has to be looked at in the next six months, probably post Christmas as bargains can be had in the giddy shopping frenzy that is January.

That's about it for the computer for now.  I've had the parts sitting here for about a week so it's been a very handy enforced downtime that has forced me into gear.

One funny thing happened the day after the war was declared, I had an offer of help!  A corp offered to help in my war for only ninety million ISK!  I thought this was a protection scam and they are in league with the war deccers but no, it's a single person corp just hoping somebody doesn't do basic checking and clicks yes.

His one man corp should do huge damage against the 450+ of the Whore in Space folks.

I shall look on with great interest.

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