Friday, September 27, 2013

Rubicon Is Go!

The new expansion, due on the 19th of November 2013 will be called Rubicon!

From this expansion CCP are introducing a longer term plan which will introduce space colonisation.

Capsuleers will start gaining new powers in New Eden, they may not be bound by the established ways as the expansions progress over time.

This expansion is the start of that journey.

Almost certainly it will be shortened to Ruby or Rubi by future commentators.

Customs offices will change in high security space, capsuleers can destroy the existing office, replace with their own, set tax rates, etc. Previously this was only available in low and null security space.

Personable deployable structures, four new types. One is a siphon module which can be placed near a starbase and steal resources. Access will be open so anybody could take resources from the siphon module. The next one is a home base, ship fitting will be available, cargo capacity, harder to kill though. Another one is a deployable tractor beam device that will transfer the loot into a central hold, assuming you “own” the wrecks. The final one is a deployable short range cyno jammer, 100km is the expected range, but it will be a single use device.

Warp acceleration changes. Acceleration and deceleration will now be more influenced by the mass of the ship. T3 cruisers are the benchmark, so small ships will progress into full warp speed faster and larger ones will do this slower.

Interceptors are among many ship balance changes, across twenty four ships, including bubble immunity for the Interceptors. Watch the threads and dev blogs for more information.

Mauraders are now getting a mode called Bastion will puts the ship into a type of siege mode, and then the ships do this the graphics will show a transformation of the ships configuration. A fast cycle, e-war immunity, a large tank and a reduced Micro Jump Drive timer are some of the features mentioned.

Interdictors, Flycatcher etc will be receiving some changes to help their balance.

Electronic Attack Ships will also be receiving the balance treatment to help bring them back into use.

New missile launchers, rapid launchers for Battleships and Cruisers.

New ships from the Sisters of Eve, similar to pirate faction ships, designed to be long range, with a large drone bay, but can also fight if required.

Certificates will be removed for a new system which is better organised.

Also a new display of the ships available in game is being created to help all players see the progression tree of ships that are available.

The character selection screen will receive some changes to help make it easier to redeem items, character information, etc.

Twitch TV will be integrated into the Eve client to help facilitate the creation of videos, live streaming, etc. I can see this being a problem with the typical Australian upload bandwidth.

Valkyrie is now in high resolution, at E3 it wasn't.

They gave a plug for the second Eve Downunder which is nice.

Finally here is the URL for the Rubicon video -

Keep a close eye on the dev blogs in the near future as they start fleshing out the details of this new expansion.

My thoughts?

This does seem to be a true expansion rather than an update, but I'm concerned they are stretching out the content over several years and will use the carrot of "future plans" and "the five year plan will be completed in four years" to keep people invested.  If you've ever played Tropico you may know what I mean.

However I like the look of what I've seen so far, but the changes to high sec customs offices will be a pain, but also a great conflict generator.    I'm concerned that a large power bloc could destroy all the customs offices in high sec, replace them with their own, raise the tax while also causing a shortage of PI material in the market.  It's what I'd do if I was in their situation, but I'm not so launching cans into space instead of using the launchpad may become the new black.

I'd say the wormhole guys would be happy with this expansion as it will make living there much easier

New ships I can take or leave, often they duplicate existing designs, though we have had spectacular exceptions to this like the Noctis.  Yes it was the same as a salvage Catalyst or Hurricane but it does the job in a far superior way.

To sum up, I'm cautiously optimistic about this expansion, and it's only six weeks away!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Battle Summary for Vecamia, 2013-09-16 06:45 - 07:25

I logged into Eve with a plan to only check the PI levels and log off to get some RL things done, little did I know that events were happening.

Via corp chat I get the info that some ships are in Vecamia on both the Tarta and Cleyd gates and we should attack them, so I said YES and jumped onto voice chat.

Acerbus, Skathmaine and I (Yosagi) all made our way to the vicinity of Vecamia. Acerbus was already in Tarta and Skathmaine and I jumped into some combat ships once we docked in a Vecamia station.

Briefly we decided on tactics, at this stage the bad guys, once again Aegis Requiem, had three Battlecruisers on each gate.

Our plan was to attack the Brutix on the Tarta gate, then call the next primary, while the bad guys on Cleyd gate were warping to help their buddies under attack.

Like all plans they don't survive contact with the enemy. They had decided to group up on the Tarta gate, so now we had six Battlecruisers to contend with, versus our three Battleships.

Our new plan was to jump Acerbus in from Tarta in the Typhoon, hope they agress, Skath and I then warp in and start the DPS party.

Time was of the essence so Acerbus jumped in and then tried to crash the gate, they agressed him and started taking him down surprisingly fast. Skath arrived at the fight with myself soon afterwards.

Acerbus's Typhoon went down, taking Daylani in the Brutix with him, and Acerbus reshipped into a Cyclone very soon afterwards.

Then the bad guys started losing ships about every minute with the two Hurricanes going next, then a Drake, the Prophecy, another Drake (was much farther away than the Prophecy), and finally another Hurricane.

Somewhere in there Skath's ship was well into hull, and either through pilot skill or by the grace of Gygax he managed to warp away before destruction, he reshipped and returned to the fight.

We stayed on gate to loot the field pretty thoroughly to stop them getting some of their modules back and to also help Acerbus out after losing his Battleship.

We warped away after fleet aligning and started the back slapping and high fives.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Battle Summary for Vecamia, 2013-09-09 06:24 - 07:24

Monday afternoons camping fun in Vecamia started early with two hauler kills, unfortunately not hauling anything particularly interesting.

Then we received word from one of our scouts of a small fleet on the Tarta gate about to jump in.

They jumped into our system and warped to zero on the Cleyd gate in Vecamia.

We looked at them.

They looked at us.

We looked at them.

They looked at us.

They targeted us.

We targeted them.

We looked at each other some more.

Time passed.

The luckiest Retriever in New Eden blind jumped into Vecamia from Tarta and warped to zero on the Cleyd gate and jumped out, no doubt wondering about our Mexican stand-off and what might have been.

More time passes.

They blink and Anger Kidd starts shooting Skathmaine in the Armageddon.

We don't return fire.

In Oh Bugga we're in no hurry for anybody.

After checking the intel of the high security systems, and what the situation is at our gate we calmly start shooting one of their Hurricanes.

Their Logi arrives on the grid as we expected it would, all drones are sent his way.

Their Hurricane is going down, the gate guns are also smashing them, their logi has a surprisingly effective tank (but no smart bombs), and things are going quite well for us.

Their first Hurricane dies, then the second, the logi warps away after the combined damage from many drones and the first effects from ECM drones cause too many problems.

The final ship, Anger Kidd, is trying to de-agress at this stage but it's too late, our DPS, with help from the gate guns, is too much and he is destroyed.

We loot the field, high five each other and head off for dinner.

Another day in Oh Bugga.