Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Battle Summary for Vecamia, 2013-09-16 06:45 - 07:25

I logged into Eve with a plan to only check the PI levels and log off to get some RL things done, little did I know that events were happening.

Via corp chat I get the info that some ships are in Vecamia on both the Tarta and Cleyd gates and we should attack them, so I said YES and jumped onto voice chat.

Acerbus, Skathmaine and I (Yosagi) all made our way to the vicinity of Vecamia. Acerbus was already in Tarta and Skathmaine and I jumped into some combat ships once we docked in a Vecamia station.

Briefly we decided on tactics, at this stage the bad guys, once again Aegis Requiem, had three Battlecruisers on each gate.

Our plan was to attack the Brutix on the Tarta gate, then call the next primary, while the bad guys on Cleyd gate were warping to help their buddies under attack.

Like all plans they don't survive contact with the enemy. They had decided to group up on the Tarta gate, so now we had six Battlecruisers to contend with, versus our three Battleships.

Our new plan was to jump Acerbus in from Tarta in the Typhoon, hope they agress, Skath and I then warp in and start the DPS party.

Time was of the essence so Acerbus jumped in and then tried to crash the gate, they agressed him and started taking him down surprisingly fast. Skath arrived at the fight with myself soon afterwards.

Acerbus's Typhoon went down, taking Daylani in the Brutix with him, and Acerbus reshipped into a Cyclone very soon afterwards.

Then the bad guys started losing ships about every minute with the two Hurricanes going next, then a Drake, the Prophecy, another Drake (was much farther away than the Prophecy), and finally another Hurricane.

Somewhere in there Skath's ship was well into hull, and either through pilot skill or by the grace of Gygax he managed to warp away before destruction, he reshipped and returned to the fight.

We stayed on gate to loot the field pretty thoroughly to stop them getting some of their modules back and to also help Acerbus out after losing his Battleship.

We warped away after fleet aligning and started the back slapping and high fives.


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