Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Excitement Deflation

I have joined a new corp/alliance.  Most of the members at the time of my joining I knew previously so my application discussion was quite high on the reminiscing and low on actual questions.

It made me very happy.

Since then the corp has grown into an alliance and the core group of members have grown together, while also adding some new ones along the way.

Lately we have started interdicting a choke point low security system which has been surprisingly enjoyable.  Some nights all we kill are cyno ships but talk about all sorts of crap on comms and laugh through half the night.

At the moment we are avoiding some professional war deccers who are trying to camp trade hubs and choke points to destroy members from the roughly thirty five current war decs they have.

On the one hand it is annoying but on the other it adds to the flavour of the game, some danger and excitement!

I'm waiting, probably in vain, for some more Rubicon announcements to firmly move it from an update to an expansion.  One of the interesting items though will be the belated introduction of DirectX 11 which will run alongside DirectX 9 for the foreseeable future.


Eventually it will add more shiny things to the game, but will it add game play?

Do the majority of gamers want game play over improved graphics?

Sadly probably not.

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