Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Everything Is Moving!

No audio post this week as my voice has finally succumbed to the latest loogie going around here.

What I would love to see in Eve Online, and it would really add to the game play but it certainly would improve the immersion, is orbital mechanics.

I'm not talking about some guy in overalls trying to charge you far too much for a grease and oil change but the following.

POS's and Stations orbit moons.

Moons orbit planets.

Asteroids, gas clouds, etc orbit the sun or a planet.

Planets orbit the sun/s.

The suns move with the rest of the galaxy arm in orbit around the probable black hole in the middle.

That last one may take a while to see a change.

The result would be visually stunning as instead of a static playing field the various objects would move and not quite be where they were last time.

How cool would that be!

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