Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's The Quiet Busy Time

The alliance is very quiet at the moment.  It's funny how this time of year seems to crit the alliance for wrecking damage.  Our alliance, like many others I've seen, seems to revolve around a few key people, lose those for some reason and things grind to a halt.  We've had a coincidence of events which in isolation would not usually be an issue but combined, the time of year, and the interest of several potential recruits, it is causing an issue.

We've just lost a key null sec member, more will probably follow.  We've been trying the null sec experiment but have been unable to reach that critical mass of members down there to make things happen, rather than reacting to events and trying to make the best of them.  Recently we've been waiting until low server population so we can scuttle out of the station and destroy some NPC rats until somebody takes enough interest in our system and then we are forced to scuttle back inside.

Comparing ourselves to cockroaches could be a bit of a stretch, but it seems apt, also I sprayed one last night in RL with outdoor spider spray, so it's either dead or gathering his cousins for an invasion seven nights hence.

Rubicon continues to slowly reveal itself.  Interceptors have become the de facto null sec taxi.  I've not been seriously challenged moving to and fro in my inty, in some ways the warp speed changes have made low and null security space more accessible.  However the other side of that coin is with high sec and larger ships.  I now find myself using the larger haulers less or just using them to traverse known ganking spots.

How to create more space?  Make the ships that matter, move slower.

POCO's are interesting.  The initial land grab in my area may be over but I noticed two of the POCO's I would normally use were destroyed and not replaced.  I threw up my own, set the tax rate fairly low, free for corp, free for alliance, and we'll see what happens.  With other POCO's I don't own I'm in the habit of checking the tax rate everyday before I move material through it, I've been caught in null sec by somebody jacking the tax rate right up so I'll not be caught again.  What I'm hoping will happen with the high sec ownership change is some people will drop out of PI, thus improving the planets they're now not using as they will have more time to recover.  That's the wish anyway.

Right now though I'm waiting for an afternoon appointment, it's 30 degrees Celsius, the humidity seems to be at approx one billion percent, I'm looking forward to the afternoon storm and change of wind direction, we have an outside chance of rain.

Winter expansion my arse!

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