Monday, December 16, 2013

'Tis The Season To Punch Somebody

Recently I passed the one hundred million skill point mark.

Actually this milestone passed while I wasn't really paying much attention so if their was fireworks and a parade I must have missed it.

It's funny how my skill points have been allocated as in the early days, when I had less of an idea than I do now, I pretty much threw them around in much the same fashion as a primate redistributes its own crap.  As time moved on I learnt the game some more, obtained some advice from those with more time in the game, and slowly directed the massive ship (ego) that is SS Yosagi to a new training track.  These days I can use most ships that I wish to pretty well, I still have some holes but generally it's okay.

When it came to training up the alt account I had a much better idea of my goals, so that character has tens of millions less skill points but is very similar in capability in PVE and PVP.

These days with my main character I'm starting to hit a training wall, either the next step is a month or so of training to finish off a skill or the remaining options are for pain in the arse ships like Titans etc.

I guess as problems go it's not a huge one.

The Yule Lads Christmas time promotion moves on.  In case you don't know each day we can click on a number (essentially the date) and collect some in game items.  I've yet to receive anything beyond a run of the mill T2 module but I'm hoping it'll improve as we get closer to the day of roast potatoes and collapse. A few weeks of insane people made insane by this time of the year and seemingly feel they can treat other people in an insane way and I'm over it all.


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