Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The B-R5RB Turkey Shoot Fallout

So the Eve Online fight on the 27th and 28th of January in B-R5RB was rather large.

How large?

Well the figures are pretty impressive.  As of this morning when I obtained my figures (which are likely to rise as more kills are discovered) this is what had happened...
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4,651 ships or other deployable objects had been destroyed.

Of those 62 were Titans, 330 were Dreadnoughts, 546 were Interceptors, the numbers go on and on.

The ISK loss was 9.67 trillion ISK.

To put that another way it was 15,064 in game PLEX (current PLEX value 642 million).

As one PLEX can be bought for $19.95 of USD that means the ISK loss was worth just over three hundred thousand US dollars.

$300,519 USD.


Interestingly the market warriors have already started as the volume of Tritanium traded in The Forge was double for both yesterday and today compared to the recent average.  I also expect other prices to rise as various replacements are made to the almost staggering amount of material that was lost by the involved parties.
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What this does in the non Eve Online gaming world is create buzz.  Gaming sites will pick up the story, non gaming sites may follow suit, and it becomes an advertising god send for CCP.

I'm sure we will be seeing the fallout for days to come at least.

Some news links:

Washington Post

Fox News


It's rather interesting, or just lazy journalism, that the text is mostly just a copy paste from the same source, and is factually incorrect in several areas.

CCP have also posted a DEV Blog outlining the fight and some of final numbers.

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