Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Waiting, Cats and Magpies

Australian Magpie
I've been busy doing not much, but their has been much of it.

The corp and therefore the alliance is slowly coming back to life, Christmas and New Years just sucked the life from everybody involved, it has taken this long for those old batteries to finally gain enough charge to login for appreciable amounts of time once again.

However Downtime (DT) is just killing us.  It's such a shame the AU time zone is so impacted by the daily downtime.  Admittedly it's nowhere near as long as when I first started playing back in 2007, back then one hour was normal, these days ten minutes is quite common.  It still breaks up the momentum, people don't login, or they've lost the energy, the zest, the get up and go they had before DT.

People drift away to other games, bed, or heaven forbid their significant other.

Heh I'm kidding, we play Eve Online.

We have cats.

Talking about cats, as SFA is happening in game right now, mine has taken to attempting the theft of cheese from the Magpies we hand feed when they approach the front door.  I'd like to say this is voluntary but Magpies are rather aggressive and if I could speak their descended dinosaur language it probably goes something like this...

Magpie 1, "Gee it's a long way from your front door to the car all the way over there."

Magpie 2, "Yeah it would be shame if something attacked your head on the way there."

Baby Magpie, "I want food, give me food, will you give me food!  Is that food?"

So while waiting for things to move forward in Eve I'm sometimes feeding the local wildlife for a variety of reasons, self preservation being one of them.

My cat, essentially being a furry tube wrapped around a mouth and stomach, is quite interested in the cheese, and not so much in the three aggressive looking magpies who are not bothered by her at all even though they are within a metre away.  I think their "fuck you" stance is frankly confusing her.

With any luck the standings we've been waiting for will be done soon and I can get back to Eve Online stuff!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dealing With Slow Rookies

The B-R5RB fight has been a boon for new player recruitment into Eve Online.

As you can see the right hand side of these graphs represent the days leading up to the third of February 2014.  It's easy to see where the news of the fight hit the media and the clear evidence of increased new player attraction.

So much so that...

Yup.  TiDi in a starter system.

Welcome to Eve Online newbies!